• Developing and Sustaining a World Class Safety Culture is a long term commitment that will ultimately protect your most valuable asset...
    Your Employees!

  • Life begins with management commitment.

Global Safety Management Consultants Welcome

Workplace safety

Global Safety Management Consultants was created with a singular goal; to help our clients protect their most valuable asset, their employees. GSMC has identified a direct relationship between a company's safety culture and employee behavior, morale, quality of work and efficiency.

The process begins with a comprehensive 360° cultural evaluation of your current culture (not just safety culture). The evaluation process is conducted in highly confidential, private 1:1 meetings with representatives from all levels in your organization. The evaluation results are then presented to executive management along with our recommendations for improvement. That's when the journey begins!

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Safety Attain World Class Safety Performance!

MoraleImprove Employee Morale & Productivity!

Reduce Costs Lower Workers Compensation Rates!

Increase Profits Increase Profitability and Profit Share!

Improve Safety Performance!

Create a World Class Safety Culture with our L2IFE Cultural Leadership Program!

Elevate Morale!

Improve Morale by Enabling, Engaging & Empowering Employees in the Safety Culture!

Reduce Costs!

Fewer Injuries & Incidents and Lower Workers Compensation Rates add to the Bottom Line!

Increase Profits!

World Class Safety Programs Improve Productivity and Reduce Absenteeism!

Understanding Safety Culture

  • Culture is to a group as personality is to an individual.
  • Cultural behaviors are learned from the expectations, beliefs, values and perceptions of both employees and management.
  • Cultures, like humans, strive for stability, consistency and meaning.
  • Employees will follow the leadership of whom they believe has their best interest at heart.

Consulting Services

  • Cultural Assessment and Development
  • World Class Safety Program Development
  • Management Leadership Workshops
  • Safety Leadership Workshops
  • Safety Project Management
  • Safety Professional Leadership Development
  • Regulatory Compliance & Training
  • Owners Representation
  • Program Audits
  • More: See Services Page
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